How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Life And Disrupted Our Industry

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The challenge with a lot of the tasks relating to home modeling and renovating is that it needed a lot of labor to assist with the work. Gathering workers and experienced staff were not difficult, but most people were not comfortable with having that many people in their homes, especially in the middle of a pandemic. Furthermore, the COVID-19 lockdown caused many people to lose their jobs, with an even larger number, unsure about their futures, which made most contemplate whether they wanted to put down money for a home renovation or whether wait for their jobs to be in a more stable place.

As a company that works on renovations, we were experiencing a change in the way we do business and already expecting a reduction in calls and client location visits due to the COVID-19 restrictions. We even temporarily closed our business operations for the last four months, mainly because of the reductions in the demand for our services and our employee health concerns.

Now that everything is opening up slowly, we have started receiving appointments and calls, and are beginning getting back to our work schedules. Furthermore, we make it a point to follow all the rules and COVID protocols and restrictions to keep our staff and clients safe. Additionally, we provide hand sanitizers and masks at the worksite and in all vehicles. We make sure we are wearing our masks whenever we come in contact with others.

We have started working from our office, and we began visiting our clients on the project sites as well. However, this depends on their requirements. We rarely have clients come to the office as most of our clients get in touch with us over the phone and then we work on meeting them at their house or project site. As we are starting up again, we have not changed our work schedule and are still putting in the same number of hours.

We usually travel to meet clients at their homes or office, and we observed that clients are more protected when it comes to inviting others or guests into their houses. Everywhere we go, we see sanitizers and masks being regularly used, with some even going to the extent of providing all these at their door and following all the COVID-19 protocols.

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