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There is something about the interior of a home that can make it truly stand out, and at DecorEdge we are firm believers in having a living space that is a reflection of you and a home that is beautiful inside and out. So, whether you are planning a remodel, need to refresh the look of your house, or are planning on selling your home, we can help!

By relying on our experience and knowledge, we can deliver a project on time and within an agreed budget, while letting you take complete control of the decisions that are made.

To help you make the most of our interior designing services, here is how we can help you:

  • Clutter elimination and organization.
  • Create an overall theme for your home.
  • Budgeting and consulting with the trades.
  • Sourcing and purchasing.
  • Custom design and manufacturing.

Our team of interior designers oversees every element from paint color to lighting. For finishing touches, depending on your style and preferences, our team will accessorize your home by using area rugs, wall coverings, soft upholstery, artwork, mirrors, and other custom designs as desired. We also provide enhancement and repairs through the use of lighting, cabinetry and door hardware, window treatments, plumbing fixtures, flooring (tile and hardwood), metalwork, trims - wall and ceiling, moldings, paint colors and finishes. These last few elements integrate seamlessly to make the interiors of your home, an extension of your personality.

Sometimes, it is best to have the same firm manage the interiors and build elements of your home, and as a leading interior decorator in Toronto, Ontario, as well as a renovation contractor, we provide comprehensive, cost-effective services and premium quality. Reach out to DecorEdge to maximize your home’s potential today.

DecorEdge’s Home Staging

If you are in the process of selling your home, to help you get the best price and get it sold in the quickest possible time, it is best to have your home staged by experts. When working with us, we put all of our creativity and exacting eye for detail into crafting luxuriously unique spaces based on your needs and budget, so that the first impression creates an impact on potential buyers. To achieve that exclusive look and crucial first impression, our talented team offer our staging services for:

  • Occupied home staging.
  • Vacant property staging.
  • Real estate staging.
  • Model home staging.
  • Luxury home staging.
  • Condo staging.

Our home staging consultations follow three crucial steps to get you started on your home staging journey. Whether the property is vacant or occupied, we always start at square one.

Step 1: A one-on-one sit down with you to discuss your vision and goals for our services.

Step 2: Our ‘True-Eye’ assessment of your home. We walk through your entire house to familiarize ourselves and make a note of all available elements (e.g., paint, furniture).

Step 3: The action plan. We recommend the next steps to take your home to your desired vision, and get a quick sale! With our list of preferred, qualified resources, we will make sure only the best work is done.

A consultation fee of $200 will be charged per consultation. If the staging work has been granted to DecorEdge, this fee will be refunded to the client.

Ready, Set, Sale!

‘Prep to sale’ refers to preparing a home for sale through a small renovation. If you are planning to put your property on the market but do not have the time or resources to style your house to look its best, our services are flexible and designed to meet your individual needs and budget. Here’s a detailed list of steps that we use to take your house from nada to nice in no time!

What do you get?

A free home staging consultation.

Discovering our target demographic.

Creating an action plan and timeline.

Reorganization and decluttering.

Buying materials, items, and accessories.

Building, repairing, painting, and accessorizing.

Home Staging Services.

Final touches.

Remember that potential buyers will decide in the first few minutes if your property is for them, so contact DecorEdge in Toronto, Ontario to let the experts handle it. We provide cost-effective home staging solutions to maximize the appeal of your property to the widest market; from redefining rooms and neutralizing decor to optimizing light and space.

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